About Records & Archives

Records & Archives is a division of Financial Services at the University of Arizona.


  • Establish and maintain an active, transparent, and sustainable records management program that economically and efficiently protects and preserves the public records (paper, digital, or any other media) generated by the University of Arizona.
  • Store the physical records generated by the University in a safe location using a highly secure and organized system that allows for the easy categorization, storage, retrieval, return, or removal of records based on departmental needs and/or records management policies and workflow requirements.
  • Comply with all rules, regulations, standards, procedures, codes, statutes, policies, etc., issued by relevant federal, state, or local controlling entities interested in the records management practices used by the University.

Iron Mountain Storage

The University of Arizona now uses Iron Mountain for storage operations. This well-known and respected records storage company offers safe and more secure storage at an overall reduced cost. Read more about Iron Mountain.

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