• Furnish the University of Arizona with a robust, forward-thinking, cost-effective, knowledgeable, and efficient records management program that is highly organized, secure, customer service oriented, and wholly compliant with all applicable federal codes, state statutes, and local policies.
  • Provide the University with records retention schedules and policies that satisfy all federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Assist departments with the development of records management solutions that address their records management needs regardless of media type, usage frequency, information source, or record function.
  • Manage the Iron Mountain records storage program for the entire campus:
    • Maintain the records box database with respect to the records box inventory information for each department, the record series code and retention period schedules, the active record holds, etc.
    • Add new records boxes to the program by updating the database and delivering the records boxes to the storage facility.
    • Remove records boxes or files from the storage facility (either temporarily or permanently) and coordinate their return to campus departments.
    • Return records boxes and files to the storage facility that previously had been removed.
    • Review records boxes eligible for destruction once retention requirements are fulfilled, coordinate approvals with departments (when applicable), and facilitate the destruction of records when authorized.
    • Perform regular audits of the program to ensure accuracy with respect to the stored inventory, invoicing, and service standards.
  • Provide the campus with a convenient and timely pick-up and delivery service that securely transports departmental records boxes and files to and from the storage facility.
  • Supply the campus with new records boxes and labels to be used to prepare new boxes of records for storage. (These boxes are for storing official University records only. Any misuse of Records & Archives records boxes is not authorized.)
  • Provide individuals and departments with relevant records box inventory information so informed decisions can be made regarding the management of departmental records.
  • Advise individuals and departments on current University records management policies and procedures regarding retention, destruction, etc., and provide relevant training, as needed.

Essential Records List

Please review the documents below regarding the State of Arizona's criteria for reporting an Essential Records List:

Completed forms should be sent to: Do not send completed forms to the State Records division.

Affiliated Services

Secure Document Destruction Barrels & Containers

Contact the University Recycling and Waste Management shop for all your secure document destruction barrel or container needs.

Public Records Requests

Requests for public records must be made through the University of Arizona Public Records Coordinator.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

Records containing PHI are subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and may have special storage and retention requirements. If you are unsure whether your records contain PHI, please contact or visit the HIPAA Privacy Program website. We work with this program to ensure your documents are managed in a compliant and appropriate manner.

Research Data

The Research Data Management Services team at the University of Arizona Libraries provides consultative support and referrals related to the management of research data. This includes support for writing data management plans, complying with funder and journal data sharing policies, support for archiving publicly releasable datasets, and providing training on data management topics.